Faculty Press

The Six Skits

Faculty Press x NTWRK Area 3

Directed by: Abi Meekel & Claire    Story by: Lelo Meslani     Styling by: Thebe Magugu & Amy Zama     MUA by: Jess Goldberg

In celebration of Pride Month, Faculty Press – in exclusive association with Network Area 3 – has created a series of skits, with the word ‘First Encounters’ as a starting point. Starring 6 of the country’s most promising voices, hear how they came into their Queerdom, the continued journey it is and how they are using their platforms as a form of activism to advocate for the Queer Body, a body that is often ground zero for the violence around it.

Watch The Skits Below

"Acing Leg Day" - Starring Nkuley Masemola

"Bar Cruising" - Starring Danielle Bowler

"Combatting Stress" - Starring Gcobisa Yako

"In Session" - Starring Glen Guilherme

"Phone Etiquette" - Starring Sasha Del Rey

"Spit & Shine" - Starring Queezy


@sashadelrey in “Phone Ettiquette”

@dannibowler in “Bar Cruising”

@ gee_msft in “Combatting Stress”

@nkuleymasemola in “Acing Leg Day”

@glenguilherme in “In Session”

@queezy in “Spit & Shine”


Production: @Faculty Press

Directed by: @abimeekel & @clairemeekel

Story by: @lelowhatsgood

Styling: @thebetsilem & @amyzama

MUA: @msgoldberg_

Music for “In Session”: @Finnacry